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The Creation of the Global Union

Outlining the plan for a Global Union, envisioned by the elite to control all wealth and all natural resources throughout the world.


British UFO Files

Based on government files documenting eye witness accounts of unexplained events that have occurred in the skies over Britain during the past sixty years.


None of the crap in the News matters

The only thing that watching the news and worrying about all these issues does is cause you stress. Haven't you been listening to your Doctors? Stress is BAD? Stress causes all sorts of things to go wrong. It also causes cancer. SO instead of watching and whoaing and moaning over all the little things that happen everyday that are so "Wrong". Have a cup of tea.


Night of the Living Dead (1968)

See the full feature film that started it all. George A. Romero's 'Night of the Living Dead'.



Exploring the many ways blogs are influencing our media, our politics, and our relationships.


Vote for Nobody

Nobody will keep election promises. Nobody will listen to your concerns. Nobody will help the poor and unemployed. Nobody cares. If nobody is elected, things will be better for everyone. Nobody tells the truth.

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