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Exploring the Chupacabra Mystery

The Chupacabra mystery as explored by the mainstream press in this video, which includes evidence of possible candidates.


Lazy Disney Artists

Disney's 10,000 artists and animators apparently aren't enough to ensure original artwork for their animations, as evident in the following images.


People in China Confused by Fortune Cookies

While fortune cookies are very well known in the west, it's amazing to see that the Chinese aren't familiar with these treats.


How Things are Made: Steering Wheels [parody]

A funny explanation on how steering wheels are made.


Just for Laughs - The Prostitute

A funny prostitute prank by the Just for Laughs Gags crew.


The Story of Genie (A Feral Child)

A true feral child, Genie was kept in solitary confinement for the first 13 years of her life by her parents. This is her story.
Part I

Part II
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