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Angel Close Close Up

Angel of Light


Better than cross stitch, weaving beads on a loom, you can create fabulous pictures. I experimented at first to find the perfect beads for the job - and they are Miyuki's Delica beads. They are precise and uniform in size - and fit togther just like bricks. Delica beads come in 4 sizes - size 11/0 is the most popular - and comes in over 900 different colors! So you are sure to find the exact color/bead finish you need for the job.

The bead finishes in the picutre above include:

Matte - the white back ground is MA so that the figure really stands out.

Transparent Silver Lined - portions of her dress are TSL so that they really pop off the page.

Opaque - these beads have a light shine to them - portions of her gown are done with OP beads - this adds to the texture of the gown.

Opaque Luster - the beads in wings OPL so that they really sparkle.

Real Gold Beads - the ribbon was done with real gold beads to add a richness to the picture.

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