Within the warmth of your heart I have sought shelter
Within the grasp of your hand I feel your protection
Within the softness of your voice I have found peace
Within your wisdom I have found knowledge
Within your strength I have found courage
Within your Love I have found myself

Within my heart, you will find peace
Within my arms, you can seek shelter
Within the firmness of my words you will see courage
Within the fire of my spirit you can find protection
Within my Love may you find yourself

Within our hearts may others see unity
Within our hands may others find help
Within our voices may others discover truth
Within our knowledge may others reach wisdom
Within our Souls may others see the Purity of Love
Within our Love, may the world find peace.

Sending Blessings of Love and Spiritual Growth to you and your family,




Absolutely beautiful - thanks

Absolutely beautiful - thanks for sharing!

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