Flu shots


Stand up people and let your state leg know that we will not be forced to be injected with their flu poison or be branded with their computer chip flu bracelets. This is the beginning of the end if people do not open their ears, eyes and minds to this attack.

Your children will be pulled out of school and transported to a quarantine camp until vaccinated if they show flu symptoms -- (remind you of something called the holocaust?)

Oklahoma - land of the governmental morons has already mandated their population, so those poor saps are going to be wiped out after their injections. Who is next?

This is the start of the plan of the oh so secret "Bilderberg" group to wipe out 90% of the human race. Are you willing to stand by and watch it?


Thanks for sharing this,

Thanks for sharing this, although I don't think enough people will see through the fear-mongering and will get the vaccine anyway!

Yes, unfortunately most will

Yes, unfortunately most will likely only see this in hindsight.

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